SDS is an entertainment company focused on dynamic content that ignites global audiences through multi-media platforms.

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Ricciotto Canudo, an early 20th Century Italian film theoretician, labeled cinema the “Seventh Art”– a synthesis of architecture, sculpture, painting, poetry, music, and dance. The number “seven” also alludes to the tagline, “The Seventh Art in Motion.” Seven Directions Studios is a name that communicates the dynamic multi-faceted nature of both our company and the entertainment industry.


The mission of SDS is to engage complimentary skillsets to produce creative and competitive projects that establish SDS as an entertainment company with endurance in the global marketplace.

Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart

The imperative of Seven Directions Studios (SDS) is to discover, develop, and curate content for the global marketplace. The ability to promote dynamic and diverse content across multiple media outlets and across cultural barriers is the hallmark of our production, irrespective of the genre. The company’s ability to create well-crafted content depends on the inherent trust that the team members have in each other’s instincts and abilities.

SDS is a creative clearing house with a Greenlight process that promotes access to intellectual property selected on our founding principles. We rely on our networks of industry specific professionals to connect with collaborators and rely on our core team of partners and advisors to offer oversight over operational, legal, marketing, and sales related matters.

Part of our brand promise is to facilitate between the creative aspects and the business aspects of the industry by leveraging resources and relationships to protect content creators and to advance projects with their best interest in mind. As a result, our out-of-the-box thinking turns projects into multi-media platforms that are suitable for both traditional and non-traditional sales and distribution models.


The vision of SDS is to combine creative instinct with business insight to deliver a diversity of stories with a social conscience.



Executive Team
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Rosa Costanza
I am a third-generation film-maker with seventeen plus years’ experience in film and television production and credits in multiple departments on over one-hundred projects from North America, Asia and Africa. I am an avid advocate for the arts, and I feel passionate about mentoring, lecturing, and volunteering: past-times that have involved me with The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), the Yale University’s Film Studies Center, the Ojai Film Society and the Orange Coast College where I taught master classes. I am also a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) since 2003, and annually participate in the Grammy Awards.
Rosa Costanza
President, Head of Production
Sheila Enriquez Lucas
My combination of academic qualifications – attained through Johnson & Wales University and the London School of Economics in Advertising, Marketing, and Economics – paired with my ten plus years’ of professional qualifications endow me with an intrinsic insight into the yin and yang of product and service promotion. Shortly after founding RIVO International, a rivolutionary™ marketing and business development company, an opportunity to serve as Executive Producer on an award winning feature length film, The 33 (2015), through a Durable Power of Attorney agreement introduced me to the wonderful world of entertainment.
Sheila Enriquez Lucas
Vice President, Head of Marketing
Greg Costanza
I enjoy helping creative individuals in entertainment accomplish their vision. My efforts are focused on strategic business planning through the design of capital and equity compensation plans for above-the-line talent, securities offerings and contract negotiations for film financing, researching and applying for film tax incentives, and managing a project’s intellectual property. I have a bachelor of science degree from Cornell University and worked in community and enterprise development as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kazakhstan. During my time at the UCLA School of Law, I clerked for Judge Dunn of L.A. Superior Court where I assisted in entertainment litigation for the Academy Award winning film “Crash” and “The Illusionist.”
Greg Costanza
Partner, Legal Counsel
Grant Gilreath
My personal and professional qualifications, like the rest of the team’s, are cosmopolitan. As a graduate from the UCLA School of Law, I continue to split my time between diverse legal practices and two continents. My ties to China are extensive: I studied Chinese IP Law at Tsinghua University of Law, have near native fluency in Mandarin, studied acting at the Central Academy of Beijing, worked with Chinese celebrities, and starred in Chinese entertainment projects. As an attorney, I focus my experience on talent and production contracts, film financing and distribution agreements, intellectual property issues and additional commercial matters.
Grant Gilreath
Partner, Legal Counsel


SDS seeks out projects that exude potential for creative and commercial success. In order to increase return on investment, projects of diverse genres are vetted through an internal Greenlight process and — if selected — grouped into one slate to offer a conservative investment portfolio that decreases investor risk.

XING poster

On the cusp of adulthood, 17 year–old Melissa navigates a dark odyssey from innocence to experience under the manipulative hand of her boyfriend Loki, within the framework of the provocative electronic dance music scene of 1990’s New York. She comes of age during a tension-filled journey of hope versus betrayal.

Melissa’s intimate story provides insight into the individual struggle of a fiercely independent woman, while illuminating the pulsating glamour and menace of the underground dance music world, which has evolved into a mainstream music outlet for millennials.

The XING™ Sizzle Reel features a stellar soundtrack of classic Techno and House music, plus new compositions, with the legendary international artists CARL COX, FRANKIE BONES, SLAM, FUNK D’VOID & DAVE TARRIDA.


Written, Produced, and Directed by ROSA COSTANZA.

Official Selection St. Louis International Film Festival Official Selection 2017 Newport Beach Film Festival 2017 Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards Nice International Film Festival Official Selection International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema NICE 2017 UCLAx Film Fest Harlem International Film Festival 2017 Short Film Corner Festival de Cannes WorldFest-Houston International Film and Video Festival 2017 Action nn Film Festival Official Selection 2017 Official Selection Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema Preselected Rome Film Awards 2017 Preselected Gala del Cinema Internazionale Venezia Lift-off Global Network Amsterdam 2017 Preselected Berlin World International Film Festival 2018

“Survivor” meets “Alone” meets “The Hunger Games” in this real-time, social media driven, reality-TV show that sets skilled outdoor/adventure enthusiasts to compete against each other in the areas of mapping, scouting, tracking, food sourcing, and general survival.

Scenic locations around the world provide a dramatic back-drop for adverse situations that bring out the best and the worst physical and mental attributes of each competitor.

In order to thrive, competitors need to rely on their on-screen charisma and social media know-how to solicit sponsored items, “lifelinks”, that audiences can send in real-time to those who leverage the highest audience engagement.

Audiences can watch the host work with industry experts and influencers to establish parameters for the competitors and to initiate socially-relevant discussions surrounding land conservation and wildlife management.


XING poster



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