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“…Rosa is a natural-born leader destined to flourish in our business. She sets a precedence for professionalism on her sets, among her crew, and from her collaborators. She’s diligent with details while protecting the project’s overall integrity. She’s unwilling to compromise the artistry and humanity of our work.”

- Jorge Suarez

  Director of Content, EB Studios

“… Rosa took the time to listen and understand the objectives and needs of a program that did not exist prior to 2018. She helped us craft the mechanics for a private grant program for artists on behalf of a large corporate donor…. She has proven herself to be a patient, effective and brilliant collaborator. In just a year the program will have covered multiple regions and corners of the U.S landscape, financially impacting and transforming a new region with each meticulously developed concept. She was key in helping us bridge a diverse range of topics and specific needs.”

- Catherine Hudon

 Senior Integrated Producer/ Brand Strategist – HAVAS Worldwide

“…The skill you had with interviewing students, teachers, parents, professional artists, celebrities, and nationally recognized dignitaries was exceptional. I also was impressed by the direction you gave your camera team to get some incredibly elegant and moving footage of the day. With your leadership, we were able to capture the joy and benefits of arts education in action.”

- Rory Pullens

  Executive Director of Arts Education, LAUSD

“…Rosa’s personal presentation and interaction with executives, celebrities and nervous honorees is exceptional.  She shows a pride of “ownership” in a project she is a part of and looks to bring the best she has to offer to the table…”

- Amy Shomer

  Award Show & Live Event Producer, Amy Shomer Associates

Seven Directions Studios is a full service entertainment company with the ability to take projects from conceptual phase to screenwriting, and from script to screen. We have over two decades of physical production experience, working in every genre and style. Our legacy as third generation filmmakers brings us the benefit of being native to this creative and technical work, as well as the tutelage of our elders.

Seven Directions Studios welcomes the opportunity to engage with your work at any stage. We can offer our diversity of services, from creative development and screenwriting to business strategy for film, TV and other media works. The imperative of SDS is to discover, develop, and curate content for the global marketplace.  The ability to promote dynamic and diverse content across multiple media outlets and across cultural barriers is the hallmark of our production, irrespective of the genre. 

Seven Directions Studios is a creative clearing house with a Greenlight process that promotes access to intellectual property selected on our founding principles, as well as what we create in-house.  We rely on our networks of industry specific professionals to connect with collaborators and rely on our core team of partners and advisors to offer oversight over operational, legal, marketing, and sales related matters. Part of our brand promise is to facilitate between the creative aspects and the business aspects of the industry by leveraging resources and relationships to protect content creators and to advance projects with their best interest in mind.  

Ricciotto Canudo, an early 20th Century Italian film theoretician, labeled cinema the “Seventh Art” – a synthesis of architecture, sculpture, painting, poetry, music, and dance.   The number “seven” also alludes to the tagline, “The 7th Art in Motion.” Seven Directions Studios is a name that communicates the dynamic multi-faceted nature of both our company and the entertainment industry which we are proud to be a part of.

The mission of SDS is to engage complimentary skillsets to produce creative and competitive projects that establish SDS as an entertainment company with endurance in the global marketplace .


The vision of SDS is to combine creative instinct with business insight to deliver a diversity of stories with a social conscience .


  • Promote access to IP

  • Complete development stage work

  • Complete production and post-production stage work

  • Provide strategic planning

  • Partner with sales and distribution entities

  • Connects with global affiliates

  • Facilitates foreign market penetration 


Rosa Costanza

President, Head of Production

As a Director, my greatest skill is my ability to work effectively with people as a compassionate and accessible team leader. Successful directing involves containing all team members in a circle of creative energy that enables the best performance from everyone involved, offering guidance for the best possible outcome in all aspects of our craft. I have the ability to use a combination of personal empathy and analysis to clue in to the right emotional tone for a project; then to communicate that tone to the acting talent.


My native understanding of filmmaking and the production environment is important – it is honed through working for twenty years on TV, film and commercials. I have spent over a decade focused on writing; authoring feature and short film screenplays, short immersive content and reality concepts, as well as doing story analysis of scripts for competitions, and writing reviews of films for a blog.


My unique combination of technical and storytelling skills is gathered in to the role of Directing, where I can both translate the screenplay needs and communicate the variety of ways that a production can be exulted using camerawork and lighting, computer graphics, VFX, animation styles, sound design and music placement, and most importantly – the acting talent.  It is my joy to learn more about AR/VR media and grow in to making multi-platform content around intellectual property.


Greg Costanza

Partner, Legal Counsel

My entertainment legal practice draws from years of enterprise development and commercial litigation experience that helps our partners navigate the legal complexity and evolving nature of entertainment’s business norms and distribution models. With state tax credits, international financing, crowdfunding, COVID-19 insurance coverage, and other intricacies and opportunities affecting independent film productions, I’m continually learning how to best advise development for small and larger budget projects in-house or in collaboration with our production partners. Legal work in entertainment involves bridging the divide between creative and analytical minds. When a successful agreement is reached, creatives can feel secure that their contributions to an expressive media experience are honored on and off screen. It is my goal to help Seven Directions Studios craft successful agreements in this way.


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